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PE swing door with stainless steel hinge

Polyethylen PE 500, 15 mm

Individually produced and made to measure
[] max 1400 x 3200 mm [][] max 2800 x 3200 mm

Special sizes available on request

Standard window designs – special designs on request

acrylic glass 15 mm, frameless and flush-fitting, 400 mm roundacrylic glass 15 mm, frameless and flush-fitting, 400 x 600 mmacrylic glass 15mm, frameless and flush-fitting, 300 x 600mm


When it comes to maintaining high standards of hygiene, PE double-acting doors are the first choice for manufacturers of bakery products, meat, dairy products, fine foods, frozen and convenience foods, and vegetables.

GP200 PE impact traffic door with stainless steel hinge combines quality with high cost-effectiveness. The hinges are maintenance-free and are also suitable for heavy-duty continuous use. The narrow design of the hinges leaves the greatest possible width of passage and so allows more freedom of movement.