wooden swing door with stainless steel hinges

wood 40 mm with veneer

Individually produced and made to measure
[] max 1200 x 2600 mm [][] max 2400 x 2600 mm

Special sizes available on request

Standard window designs

Safety glass window 400 mm round with stainless steel frameSafety glass window 300 mm round with stainless steel frame


Swing doors are a key element of restaurant furnishing: they are robust, practical and heavy-duty. We have re-interpreted swing doors and designed their individual components in such a way that they will either perfectly blend in with their environment – or stand out and become an eye-catcher.

However, double-acting doors also have a place in retail environments, as they both increase convenience and are stylish at the same time: easing the way on busy routes to store rooms, the kitchen or staff rooms. Available in 70 colours and wood finishes – to make sure that your swing door will fit in perfectly with your design.

The door’s hinges are extremely robust and yet easy to move. They are furthermore maintenance-free, impact resistant and easy to clean. The optionally available 90° stop is also extremely practical and enables the door to be automatically arrested when fully opened and for it to be closed again using no more than a slight push.

The doors are easy and quickly to install, both when fitted into existing rooms and in new-builds. There is no need for wooden frames, as they are installed directly into the door opening using either a stainless steel profile or mounting plates. Optionally, we also provide stainless steel U-frames.